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Our Mid-century Modern Flagship

This is a Mid Century style home, sitting on a large corner lot in Sandy Springs. This location is fantastic and the neighborhood is beautiful. Gorgeous new Craftsman homes have been built up all around this property and while we could have done the same with this small 1,900 square foot house, we decided to do something a little different.

While we knew that we had to go bigger, it was absolutely imperative that we keep all of the things we loved about the house to begin with. After all, the house itself is our inspiration. We have hand selected every little finish to work with this particular house. So any changes we make must also work with the original design of the house.

What we came up with was a 3,950 Square foot, U shaped, Mid Century Modern. Karen created some 3D renderings using our architectural software, just so you can get a visual of how amazing this home is going to be.


The courtyard in the middle will be accessible using either a 16 foot sliding glass door in the Great Room or parallel to that will be the Master Bedroom which will also contain a 16 foot sliding glass door.

The living, Dining and Kitchen will be open to each other with beautiful views looking into the courtyard.

We have gotten the plans drawn, survey completed and hope to break ground very soon! Be sure to check our blog frequently for updates on our progress!

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