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Just what can you do with a courtyard?

Courtyards have been a popular feature in many homes throughout history, but in the new world where land was plentiful and privacy was abundant, courtyards became less of a necessity. Now that more homes are being built, and lot lines are growing closer and closer together they are back and better than ever. We recently completed a home in Sandy Springs that features a beautiful courtyard that measures approximately 30’x 20′. This space is accessible by two 16′ wide sliding glass doors entering from the living room and again from the master suite. We left this space blank, since this will be the focal point of the entire home and it should be a very personal reflection of the homeowner. Even though we decided not to finish the space ourselves, we had a lot of fun imagining all of the exciting ways the space could be utilized.

The whole idea behind a courtyard is to have a private, outdoor living space. We are lucky enough to live in a fantastic climate that allows us to enjoy the outdoors for the largest majority of the year. Not only would it be a great space to host social events, but for family time as well.

I love the idea of sitting around the fire with the family.
Or stepping outside to watch a movie together.
Gathering for a Sunday morning brunch in the garden.
commune design los feliz home courtyard mosaic tile outdoor living dining
Maybe you just want a quite place to enjoy nature with minimal upkeep.
A relaxing water feature would be beautiful.
Fancy Bali's Tropical Paradise Resort Courtyard Modern Terrace Furniture
Add some of your favorite greenery and you can create this beautiful garden that provides a stunning view from the living and master suites.
The courtyard we designed is even large enough for a small pool

But if that all seems like too much, a simple deck and some green grass will liven up the space.

These are just a few of the countless number of ideas people have come up with over time for their courtyards. No matter what the design they always seem to feel so unique and luxurious.

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